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Joining the 17th Annual Arc’teryx Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival (December 11-15, 2013)

On Thursday, December 12 I will give a Special Presentation at the Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival. Time: 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Location: Emerson Crawford Theater. 111 South Grand
Admission: $15 for public, free to ALL On-Ice Clinic participants.

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Ines Papert gelingt Erstbesteigung des Likhu Chuli I, 6.719 Meter

On 13 November 2013 German alpinist Ines Papert made the first ascent of the hitherto unclimbed Likhu Chuli I (6719m) in Nepal, also referred to as Pig Pherago Shar. Her climbing partner Thomas Senf abandoned his attempt circa 140m below the summit due to frostbite.

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Thank you to all our sponsors who supported this expedition:

Bruno Banani
Black Diamond
Red Chili
Lyo Food
Edelweiss Ropes


Azazar, new climb on Tadrarate in Morocco’s Taghia Gorge by Aufdenblatten, Papert and Steurer

Inspired by spectacular photos of the late Kurt Albert and Toni Arbones on their 2007 route Antro.po.cene, at the start of April a strong international team comprised of Germany’s Ines Papert, Austria’s Lisi Steurer and Switzerland’s Patrik Aufdenblatten travelled to Morocco’s Taghia valley in the Central Atlas Mountains with their sights set on a striking line up the SW Face of Tadrarate.

› Read the Report and view the photo gallery

Trailer: The Black Madonna

Achim Joos (Flugschule Freiraum) & Ines Papert

Broadcast Date: 2nd August 2013, ServusTV
Duration: 52min
Production: pictures, Camera: Eduardo Gellner


Iceclimbing beyond the Polar Circle – Ines Papert realizes trad first ascents in Senja, Norway

During the last two weeks Ines Papert enjoyed the beauty of Norway far north.
Together with Thomas Senf, local Bent Vidar Eilertsen, Nina and Christian Schlesener she ventured new lines on the Senja Island, 350 km north of the Polar Circle.

Senja lies next to the Lofoten islands and offers a lot of untouched rock and ice. Ines and friends climbed and opened their routes ‘traditional Norwegian style’ which means without bolts.

› Read our trip report & view photo gallery

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